Things to do Altos de Campana

Things to do Panama

Things to do

Panama and Panamanians will give you the keys to living a fascinating experience in this great country of Panama. Panama is a lively and bustling capital of modern buildings and structures with large and modern shopping centers, easily accessible from Altos de Campana, the capital is considered the Mecca of shopping in America and is aptly named Little Paris due to its assortments of amazing stores and shopping malls. The Old Town, the vaults, the Presidential Palace or the ruins of Old Panama, are beautiful places to visit and of course the symbol of the country the eighth wonder of the world, the Panama Canal is the most visited and, incredible engineering feat of all time has taken the name of Panama to the ends of the world. The equally attractive Altos de Campana will provide an endearing homecoming after your visit to the “Big City”

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